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Gb Shilajit products are highly potent - They are mineral-rich products sourced from the Himalayas.

GB Shilajit Benefit?

Learn who can use the Gb Shilajit

  • Active Individuals and Athletes

    Those involved in regular physical activities or sports may find Shilajit beneficial for its potential to support energy levels, endurance, and muscle recovery.

  • Adults Seeking Nutrients

    Adults looking to supplement their diet with essential minerals and trace elements present in Shilajit.

  • People with Mineral Deficiencies

    People with known mineral deficiencies, such as iron, calcium, or magnesium, may consider Shilajit as a natural source of these minerals.

  • Aging Adults

    Older adults looking to support bone health, vitality, and overall well-being as they age can benefit from Shilajit.

  • Those with Stressful Lifestyles

    Individuals experiencing high levels of stress or leading a fast-paced,
    demanding lifestyle may find Shilajit helpful.

  • Traditional Wellness Seekers

    Individuals who love to integrate traditional wellness practices, such as Ayurveda, into their daily routines.

How to Use Gb Shilajit

Usage Direction

  • Procedure

    Add 500mg Gb Shilajit Resin or 0.5ml (10 drops) Shialjit drops in your favorite drink (water, milk, juice) and mix it well before consuming.

  • Suggestion

    Enjoy your drink in the morning or day time. Shilajit keeps the consumer active. Taking Shilajit at night can disturb sleep.

  • Warning

    Shilajit is an organic health supplement. It is not a medicine or cure to any disease. Stop using Shilajit if it doesn't suit your body.

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